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5 Donut & Baking Trends for 2019

Updated: Jan 24

New year = new trends, but lets recap some major baking trends of 2019. Consider these trendy ingredients for your baking creations. Or if you're not a baker, seek out some of these delicious flavors in Locally Raised Donuts!

Here is a list of donut and baking trends from 2019

1. Veganism & natural flavors.

Indulgent treats are an important part of the vegan movement & healthy living, and donuts are no exception. 2019 saw a surge of vegan options available, and bakers using fruits, vegetables, and other plant extracts to add flavor and color. Locally Raised is 100% vegan, but tempting for non-vegans too.

2. Ruby chocolate

Ruby chocolate hit the baking scene in the middle of 2018, and has been making a splash ever since. Ruby chocolate has been named the "fourth chocolate" – the taste is quite fruity, with light and sour notes. The flavor is all natural, pretty and pink. Kit Kat launched a ruby chocolate in 2019, and it's been adopted by brownies, donuts, cheesecakes and more.

3. Savory donuts

Savory donuts are nothing new, but some pretty crazy savory donuts hit the baking scene in 2019. Ever heard of a nacho donut? Fried chicken and creamed corn? What about grilled cheese donut? Keep an eye out for Locally Raised sweet jalepeno popper donut and/or salted caramel, we love sweet and savory treats.

<~ Nacho Donut

4. Brown Butter

The warm nutty flavors of brown butter, well known in the savory world, entered the sweet universe in 2019. Brown butter seems to enhance the flavor of just about anything; from pasta to sugar cookies, and is simple to make. Melt butter slowly over low heat until it foams and the milky whiteness turns brown and sinks to the bottom of the pan. This concentrates the butter’s flavor, and the butter’s milk solids caramelize, adding a nutty richness.

5. Asian Flavors

Flavors traditionally used in Japanese and Chinese cultures made their way into baking, both sweet and savory, in 2019. In 2020, exotic flavors like yuzu, matcha, miso and black sesame are in full force. The vibrant green hue of the most popular flavor, matcha is hard to miss on Instagram feeds, and has a rich, lightly sweet taste.

<~ Locally Raised Matcha Donut

Can't wait to see what baking trends arise in 2020? Neither can we!!!






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